Test of Language by the Iranian Measurement Organization or TOLIMO:
TOLIMO is a standardized test administered by the Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization (EMEO). It is a multiple –choice exam that lasts about two hours. It is designed to test an English speaker's proficiency in English. 

All Iranian candidates for receiving Ph.D. scholarship for other countries have to obtain a satisfactory score on the TOLIMO. The acceptable score levels are announced by the EMEO. Besides, the EMEO intends to make TOLIMO scores a necessary requirement to be used by Iranian universities, for example, all applicants with scores below a certain point-and it is very likely that in future they might be used as a good measure of the applicants' language proficiency in different educational or vocational centers. 

Material for the TOLIMO test is produced at the Iranian Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization (EMEO). All questions are reviewed for balance according to established EMEO procedures. These reviews ensure that each form of the test is free of any language, symbols, references, or content that might be considered offensive or inappropriate. Each form of the TOLIMO is divided into three sections and it takes approximately two and one-half hours to administer. 

Section 1: The Test of Written English-TWE
 The Test of Written English is a short 30 minute writing test which is given with TOLIMO. TWE measures the ability to compose in standard written English response to an essay question or topic. TWETotalTimeScore130minute1-6

Section 2:
Listening Comprehension measures the ability to understand conversations and talks in English. This section does not test comprehension of single sentences. Part A (Short conversations) 30 questions. Part B (2 long conversations) 8 questions (4 questions per long conversations. Part C-3 lectures-12 questions (4 questions per lecture.- Total: 50 questions. Time: 35 minutes. 

Section 3:
Structure and Written Expression measures the ability to recognize grammatical structures and word usage of standard written English used in colleges and universities. Sentence Completion 15 questions.