Our Vision and Mission

CDS is an Iran-based study abroad and education consultancy institute that provides career planning programs. Experienced CDS counsellors understand and appreciate student’s personality, skills and interests and based on them they will help students toward achieving their professional goals. Students and parents can also use CDS database of information and resources to help them identify their education options and plan the most proper career path/s.

CDS can also help them to reduce the stress of important education decisions, and find the right program for each one of them. Individualized coaching will help students make proper choices and streamline their efforts toward a successful transition to the most suitable graduate and postgraduate programs.

At CDS we believe that education is essential to a successful and thriving career; and that self-awareness is extremely important in one’s studies and life. Our Strong student-centered approach to the provision of quality counseling to our students means that we give them full information on all available options and help them make sensible decisions.
You can definitely have the time of your life while studying at a good university in a foreign country. It gives one the chance to get exposed to new cultures, customs, traditions, rituals, religions, foods, and art. But search for the perfect university can be very challenging and sometimes quite frustrating and on certain occasions, making the wrong choice can have significant personal and financial consequences.

Our mission is to make a difference in students’ lives through obtaining them admissions to some of the most suitable universities across the world and help them become effective leaders of tomorrow. With the help of CDS you will get answers to all your questions about studying overseas; from choosing a major to getting an offer /admission to a university to receiving a visa and traveling abroad for pursuing your education.