CDS Placement Test is an exam that determines the linguistic level of an applicant seeking to register in a language course at our English Language Tests Preparation Department (ELTPD).

The test is designed according to the highest testing standards and it is completely target-oriented. In ELTPD Placement Test two language areas of grammar and vocabulary as well as two skills of listening and speaking are precisely evaluated.

The test is administered in two Oral and Written formats:
The Written Test is comprised of 80 multiple choice questions including 10 listening questions, 40 grammar questions and 30 vocabulary questions. This test lasts for 40 minutes.

The Oral Test (or the Interview) is administered immediately after the Written Test and it usually takes 7 to 10 minutes.
At the end of the Interview, the applicant's language level is determined by the Supervisor of ELTPD  English Dept. and learners will then be given the go-ahead to register in the language level they are qualified for.