Intensive English         



The Intensive English Program is a course that has been designed to help students make the movement to real academic life in a relatively short time through fulltime instruction in English as a foreign language.

The Intensive English Program prepares students for the TOEFL® examination and students are tested prior to the first day of class. Based on the test results, each onf of the students is placed in the most suitable level.

In each level, students receive grades for written examinations, oral presentations, class participation, and out-of-class work. After completing the final level most of our students will beready to pass the TOEFL®.



Fall 1393

Testing date: Mehr 6th, 1393
First day of class: Mehr 13th, 1393
80% Refund date: Mehr 17th, 1393
Last day of class (half-term) November 14th, 1393
Last day of class (full-term) Azar 19th, 1393

Winter 1394

Testing date: Dey 12th, 1393
First day of class: Dey 20th, 1393
80% Refund date: Dey 23th, 1393
Last day of class (half-term) Esfand 20th, 1393
Last day of class (full-term) Faravardin 27th, 1394

Spring 1394

Testing date: Ordibehesht 13th, 1394
First day of class: Ordibehesht 20th, 1394
80% Refund date: Khordad 24th, 1394
Last day of class (half-term) Teer 22nd, 1394
Last day of class (full-term) June 26th, 2015

Summer 1394

Testing date: Mordad 13th, 2015
First day of class: Mordad 20th, 2015
80% Refund date: Mordad 24th, 2015
Last day of class (half-term) August Shahrivar , 2015
Last day of class (full-term) Shahrivar 25th, 2015