CDS staff answer all your questions in a friendly way and very patiently and do their best to finish the admission and visa application process in the earliest time possible. I heard about CDS from a bank teller and they got me admission and a student visa to Simon Fraser Universtiy in Vancouver in less than 2
months which is really amazing and unbelievable
Amirreza Delforouz, 18
BA in Computer Engineering
Simon Fraser Universtiy in Vancouver

“I really like how friendly and welcoming CDS staff are. This
made the experience of applying to universities a lot
less stressful.”
Maryam Sharifi, 25
MA in Psychology
Wellington University

"A great professional and friendly team that is always ready
to help in working towards your future study undertakings.”
Pedram Moradi, 25
Master of Finance and Commerce
Brisbane University of Queensland


“Helpful beyond words can express. Best student service
I've ever experienced. I always feel like home when I meet them.”
Farshad Faarhi, 21
PhD in Engineering
Monash University


"Through CDS, I was given the opportunity to further my higher education
in an exceptional learning environment with a faculty dedicated to excellence
and personal development. I owe my success here at the University of Ottawa to
CDS and their good guidance and academic efforts.
Maryam Aryavand, 
Master Student, 
University of Ottawa

 "I would highly recommend CDS Services to any student interested in pursuing a
Masters or PhD program. CDS staff were always accessible,and I was able todevelop
close friendships with many of my classmates.CDS was always
there to help me even after my graduation.
Whatever direction you decide to go in after graduation, you'll get the
support and advice from CDS.
Ramin Akbari, PhD studnt, International Law.
University of Saskatchewan,


"CDS gave me the ingredients I needed to lay a strong foundation
for my future studies: intellectual rigor, practical experience
in an urban environment, and a strong network of committed scholars.
Jasmin Farhady, MA candidate, Biophysics,
University of Melbourne,

از دوستانی که از طریق مؤسسه اعزام دانشجو کندو موفق به اخذ پذیرش از دانشگاه‌های کشورهای استرالیا، کانادا، و نیو زیلند شده اند خواهش می‌کنیم تا در صورت تمایل متن کوتاهی که بیانگر نظرشان در مورد خدمات مؤسسه  باشد را به همراه یک قطعه‌‌ عکس به نشانی‌ ایمیل کندو ارسال فرمایند.

In case students who managed to obtain admissions to study at Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand universities wish to have their message about CDS posted on this page, they can send us a short piece of writing along with a digital photo. Please note that the picture should preferably have been taken in an academic environment.